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‘Fuleco The Armadillo’ And Brazil Team Up For World Cup

May 22, 2014 

What do you get when you cross an endangered animal with one of the worlds most popular sports? Fuleco the Armadillo. Thanks to deforestation in Brazil, the Caatinga Association has declared the armadillo the official mascot for the 2014 World Cup, hoping that it will draw attention to the plight of the tiny creature. The….


Michelle Rodriguez Gets Some Dating Help

May 21, 2014 

Michelle Rodriguez is learning that breaking up is never easy, especially if you are famous. Not only does the paparazzi follow you around, waiting to snap a photo of you crying in your Aston Martin, but now every creep in the world knows you’re vulnerable and looking to go hard in the paint. Thankfully, Michelle’s….


How Do You Say “Selfie” In Spanish?

May 21, 2014 

How do you say the word “selfie” in Spanish? It’s a question that has no doubt kept you up at night. It definitely affected the sleep patterns of a young Columbia Spanish scholar named Mike Murphy. He realized that there is as yet no proper term for taking an annoying duck-faced picture of yourself with….


That Time Jennifer Lawrence Tried To Dance With Jennifer Lopez

May 16, 2014 

People always talk about how Jennifer Lawrence seems like the kind of person you could get drunk with. You know, a real down to earth kind of woman. Well it turns out that if you have a few too many drinks with her, she’ll try to make you dance with Jennifer Lopez. On The Tonight….


Hero Cat Saves Young Child

May 14, 2014 

People always talk about how cats could care less about their owners. They lay around. They ignore you. They lick themselves. They ignore you. You give them food. They pretend like they love you. They go back to ignoring you. Well it turns out that cats may be more loyal and fearless than we previously….


Evil Clown Prank Terrifies Unsuspecting Adults

May 14, 2014 

I’m afraid of clowns, but not because I think they’re actually evil demons who feast on the souls of children. I’m afraid of them because behind the make up and balloon animals, there’s usually just a sad guy who dropped out of community college to pursue a less traditional path in life. What I’m saying….


Glee Finale Explains Naya Rivera’s Absence

May 14, 2014 

It happened to Raymond Cruz’s Tuco Salamanca on Breaking Bad. It happened to Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. And how it has most likely happened to Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez on the season finale of Glee. That is to say, Naya Rivera’s character has been written off the show and….


Jennifer Lopez Outshined By Her Mother

May 13, 2014 

No matter how successful Jennifer Lopez gets, she will always be her mother’s daughter. JLo can wear the sexiest outfits on magazine covers. She can flaunt her legs on American Idol. But her mom will always remember a time when Jenny from the Block wasn’t potty trained. She remembers a time when JLo freely soiled….


Donald Sterling Gives First Comments Since NBA Banishment

May 12, 2014 

Poor old Donald Sterling. For the first time since leaked audio of his backwards ideals hit TMZ, Sterling is asking everyone for forgiveness. Firstly, the old man is just out right saying he’s sorry and that this whole incident is a one time mistake. Second, the shrewd, empire-building billionaire is claiming that he was bamboozled….


Jon Stewart Not A Fan Of Selena Gomez

May 09, 2014 

Jon Stewart is known for tackling the bigger issues: politics, global warming, and now Selena Gomez. On a recent episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart mentioned that his daughter’s favorite actress is the former Wizards Of Waverly place star, but had to break the news to them that Selena Gomez “hangs out with an….

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