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Marvel Comics Break The Color Barrier With The New Captain America

July 19, 2014 

He is red, white and blue and now you can add black to the list. Marvel has announced that Captain America will now be played by his long time ally, the Falcon, the high flying African American hero from Harlem. The Falcon is played by Anthony Mackie in the Marvel movies. The change will take….


Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over “Call Of Duty”

July 17, 2014 

Manuel Noriega, the ex-dictator of Panama, is suing video game giant Activision over Call of Duty: Black Ops II. In the game he is portrayed as a murderer, kidnapper, and all around evil thug. In a statement he claims that Activision made him look like “the culprit of numerous fictional heinous crimes”. He says that….


Could The Next Host Of “The View” Be A Latina?

July 16, 2014 

Puerto Rican journalist Ana Maria Belaval has been invited to audition for the co-host spot on The View. The position opened up after Jenny McCarthy left the show. Ana Maria has been the “Around Town” reporter for the WGN morning news in Chicago for several years and before that she worked on Despierta America on….


Crappy Immigrant Jobs: “Prostitute Flyer Hander-outer”

hooker card web
July 07, 2014 

I’m currently reporting to you from beautiful Las Vegas, NV where the sun is hot and the ladies are hotter. And by ladies I mean the sex workers. Nevada is the only state in the country that kinda sorta has legal prostitution. If nothing else they tend to look the other way. If you’ve ever….


Lupillo Rivera Confronts Anti-Immigrant Protesters

July 02, 2014 

Lupillo Rivera, the brother of late banda singer Jenni Rivera, showed support for migrant families and children and confronted protesters who blocked buses carrying the migrants. Lupillo proudly wearing his Mexico World Cup jersey and carrying several signs while defending the migrants. Lupillo shouted at the protesters that the migrants who come to the U.S…..


Ricky Martin Now Sings His Songs To A “He”

June 26, 2014 

Ricky Martin has decided to stop playing the pronoun game and direct his songs to a “he” and not a “she”. He also decided to do it in Morocco, a country where it is illegal to be a homosexual. Martin pulled the pronoun switch during a performance at a music festival in the Islamic country…..


Season 2 of The Bridge Returns July 9

The Bridge_Image1
June 23, 2014 

Whether you’re a murder mystery enthusiast or enjoy exploring the politics behind U.S.-Mexico border relations, this new teaser for the upcoming season premiere of The Bridge will get your heart racing. The brief snippet promises an adrenaline-filled season as Marco (Demian Bichir) continues to pursue his son’s killer behind bars, while his El Paso counterpart….


“Cantinflas” Biopic Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

June 23, 2014 

A new biopic based on the life of the legendary Mexican comedian Cantinflas will be released in the U.S. in August. The first trailer for the film shows a young Mario Moreno making his way from janitor to international superstar and all the bumps along the way. The film stars Oscar Jaenada as Moreno and….


Behold The Spanish Baby Jumping Festival

June 18, 2014 

We Hispanics have some pretty weird holidays, but nothing beats the Castrillo de Murcia festival of Corpus Christi. Why? Because part of the festivities include a dude jumping over a dozen babies. Not dolls, real babies. A dude plays Colacho, (this year it’s a guy named Jose Duenas), who is a bad dude who dresses….


“Game Of Thrones” Has Epic Season Finale

June 16, 2014 

(WARNING: There will be spoilers, y’all. So, bookmark this post and come back to it when you are caught up!) Last night saw season four of Game of Thrones come to a close with the usual cadre of death and mayhem. As a fan of both the show and the books I was left both….

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