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Jennifer Lopez New Video “I Luh Ya Papi” Objectifies Men

March 17, 2014 

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for the goofily named song “I Luh Ya PaPi” turns the tables on the objectification of women common in most rap videos. J-Lo herself has often been a sex object in her early days but it appears that those times are over. The video starts with the director pitching ideas for….


Diego Luna Gets Rejected During SXSW

March 14, 2014 

Diego Luna, director of the soon to be released Cesar Chavez biopic, took to the streets during South By South West to ask a question: do you know who Cesar Chavez is? Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, Luna found out the hard way that taking to the streets during one of the largest festivals in….


George Lopez Jokes About Sobriety With Ellen

March 13, 2014 

For most people, getting arrested for public intoxication would be an embarrassing and eye opening moment in one’s life. However comedian George Lopez has turned his recent drunken Canadian casino escapade into laughs as big as his liver. Yesterday, George Lopez was a guest on Ellen, downplaying the incident by making a few jokes about….


Ricky Martin And Jennifer Lopez Make Seriously Sexy Video

March 13, 2014 

J-Lo and Ricky Martin star in a new video Adrenalina by reggaeton artist Wisin is muy caliente, for realsies. There is a lot of them sweating and getting all close and sensual. There are also car chases, post-apocalyptic imagery, and people dancing in a terrordome. The song is also pretty awesome. I’m not a huge….


Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Trailer Finally Released

March 07, 2014 

I saw the original Sin City in the theater, which was great because I got to watch disgusted moviegoers get up and leave as the carnage unfolded on the screen. Hey, the movie wasn’t for everyone. If you could get past the ultra-violence of the original Sin City, you were rewarded with a movie that….


The Hoverboard Is Finally Here, or is it?

March 06, 2014 

Who doesn’t remember the famous hoverboard that came out in the eighties film, Back to the Future part 2? The company HUVr recently released a video promoting their new hoverboard. In the beginning of the video we see the actor Chistopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Brown, carrying a case that contains a real hoverboard. In….


Tune in for the Premiere of Saint George on FX! (Sponsored)

March 05, 2014 

In George Lopez’s new sitcom, Saint George, he plays a hilariously embattled Mexican-American divorcee who’s become a successful entrepreneur. The comedy finds Lopez struggling to find the balance between dealing with his demanding Anglo ex-wife Mackenzie and the high expectations of his overbearing Mexican-American mother Alma. Saint George premieres Thursday, March 6, 9E/P on FX…..


A Phone That Can’t Be Hacked

March 05, 2014 

So-called secure smartphones are touting their ability to keep out the prying eyes of g moreovernments and corporations. WSJ’s Elizabeth Dwoskin discusses on digits. Photo: Boeing.So-called secure smartphones are touting their ability to keep out the prying eyes of governments and corporations. WSJ’s Elizabeth Dwoskin discusses on digits. Photo: Boeing.


Teenager Tries To Sue Parents For Financial Support

March 05, 2014 

Well folks, it looks like we barely avoided the apocalypse this week. Rachel Canning, the 18 year old that sued her parents for financial support, lost her case. Don’t feel bad for the plucky Catholic school student. Rachel Canning not only has enough money to pay lawyers, but she also has a 20,000 dollar scholarship….


Holy F#@$!, The Pope Drops F-Bomb During Service

March 04, 2014 

Swear words are like passing gas. Sometimes you mean to let one out, and other times they slip out accidentally. On Sunday, while speaking publicly to a large audience, the Pope regrettably let an F-Bomb squeak out. Pope Francis was trying to use the Italian word for “case” – which is “caso” – however, he….

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