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Esai Morales On Latinos, Hollywood and Trump

Most people remember Esai Morales from his roll as Ritchie Valen’s brother in La Bamba, after all he had one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. What most people don’t know is that he has been a key advocated for the reformulation of the Latino image in Hollywood. He recently gave an interview with NBC News Latino where he talked Latinos in Hollywood and Donald Trump’s controversial comments.

“People are conditioned to seeing Latinos in a certain light including our own people, and that’s a problem. Kids need to see something that they can aspire to,” he said. “Hollywood doesn’t always go to Latinos for heroes and it’s sad because we have them,” said Morales. “We don’t see our people save the day.”

Morales shared his opinion on Donald Trump’s comments about Mexico and immigrants.
“What he said about Mexican immigrants was clearly disrespectful because he characterized them as some sort of uniform “mob” threatening the sanctity and the peaceful integrity of the United States. I find it really sad and a cheap shot for someone who is so prideful of his billions.”
“I find it not classy,” Morales added. “I want a president who is classy, who is inspirational, who makes us all want to strive to be better, not somebody who, you know, seems like a circus barker.”

Morales who just finished the first season of “The Brink”, playing the role of U.S. President Julian Navarro, is a great example for young Latinos to follow their passion in the world, y quien sabe algun dia realmente tendremos un president Latino.

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