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¿Estas Tomado? Is The First Bi-Lingual Blood Alcohol App

We all know that it is not cool to drink and drive. But how do you know if you are over the legal limit? It can be hard to gauge sometimes because you might feel OK, but be unable to pass a breathalyzer. There are a few apps that help you calculate your blood alcohol level, but “¿Estas Tomado? Calculadora De DUI” is the first bi-lingual blood alcohol concentration app. The app was created by the Colorado Department of Transportation. A higher percentage of Latinos use smartphones than whites or other minorities, so this app makes a lot of sense. The instructions are in Spanish or English and you can enter your weight in pounds of kilograms. You enter your weight, height, and how much you’ve had to drink. If you are passed the limit, it will call a taxi for you. Pretty cool. Right now it is only available for the Android phone. It’s a way to keep our streets safer for both gringos and homeboys alike.

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