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Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Have A Baby Girl

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had a baby girl, girl. The very private couple had the kid without anyone knowing and no details about the baby have come out, not even her name. It’s not surprising as Eva managed to keep the pregnancy a secret for months. I respect how these two do things. Unlike a lot of celebrity couples, (cough, cough, Kimye, cough, cough!), that use their pregnancy and babies for publicity, Eva and Ryan kept the whole thing private the way it was meant to be. This baby is going to be seriously beautiful. How could she not be with killer DNA like that? Eva Mendes is one of the hottest women in Hollywood and Ryan Gosling is so good looking I would make out with him and I’m not gay. He’s just soooo dreamy.

So, congrats Eva and Ryan from your friends at TuVez!

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