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Everyone is Invited to Rubi’s Quinceañera


A quinceañera is an important phase for young ladies in Latin America, but what happens when a father posts a video on Facebook inviting everyone to his daughters quince? La fiesta de quinceañera más famosa de México será la de Rubi Ibarra Garcia que se celebra el 26 de Diciembre en La Joya San Luis Potosi Mexico.

In the video you see Rubi’s dad, Crescencio Ibara, saying there will be three bands playing, a horse race where you could win 10,000 pesos ($490 Dollars), and plenty of food and drinks for everyone. Y lo mejor de todo es que everyone is invited! Yes, everyone is cordially invited to Rubi’s quinceañera.

This video went viral in no time and was shared more then 800,000 times and prompted countless of memes and imitations. So far there has been 1.2 million invitation confirmations and who knows how many people will actually show up but the local police is taking no chances and will be on the roads leading to the village to ensure safety in and around the quinceañera.


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