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Facebook Turns 10 Years Old

Ten years ago today, Mark Zuckerberg and some friends gave birth to The Facebook. It started out as a small social network restricted to a very specific demographic – Harvard students. But like any world changing idea, Facebook quickly ballooned beyond their control to become the social behemoth that occupies our daily life. Today, nearly 1.2 billion users worldwide rely on the website to find out who won the big game, which celebrity recently died, and, perhaps most important, who of our friends has gone from “in a relationship” to “single”. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to say, “happy birthday Facebook.” You track my online habits. You’ve made public meltdowns a daily part of my life. And you’ve helped legitimize words that would make Jorge Luis Borges weep: selfies, emojis, srsly, lulz. And I love you for it. And I hate you for it.

There are times when I wonder just how much further along I’d be in my professional life if I hadn’t wasted so many hours refreshing my Facebook feed. I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve thrown away building fake farms, crushing candy, or creepin’ on people I went to high school with. At least once every three months I think about deactivating my account so I can really do something with my life. But then one person “likes” my latest post, and I realize, I can’t stay mad at you, Facebook. Those small morsels of social validation keep me addicted. I don’t know how long I’ll be an active Facebook user, but I get the feeling the website will be here for a long, long time. It has seen the rise and fall of Myspace. It steamrolled Google+. And any competition it can’t outright beat, it either buys – Instagram – or it figures out how to compete with it – Twitter. So, once again, Facebook, happy birthday. Here’s to another 10 years. I love you and I hate you.

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