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Fallout: New Vegas Review

Fallout. The very name conjures to mind images of an irradiated wasteland rife with mutants, profiteers, slavers, and refugees. Bethesda received both praise and scorn for their take on the universe in Fallout 3, and I have faith that things will be much the same for Obsidian’s entry into the series, Fallout: New Vegas. So, is New Vegas a worthy successor to Bethesda’s epic tale?

First off, fans of Fallout 3 will feel right at home in New Vegas. It looks very much like Fallout 3, albeit with a few changes to the color palette. One of the first things you think when you start playing New Vegas is that this is an expansion pack, not a full game. Nothing could be further from the truth. New Vegas contains more quests and content than Fallout 3 did, with an estimated 80 hours of play required to hit 100% completion.

You begin your travels in the western wasteland as you recover from being shot in the head and dumped in a shallow grave in the desert, almost as if you’d run afoul of the Corleone family. Your goal is to have your revenge on the folks who shot you, as well as recover a valuable item that they stole from you. Unfortunately, this item isn’t yours. You were a courier for the Mojave Express, and the package you were transporting got you into this mess.

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