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FDA Recalls Thousands Of Bottles Of Malta

One of the greatest drinks on Earth is malta, but now we must be careful fellow malta lovers. The FDA is forcing the Florida Bottling Company to recall several shipments of malta because the bottles are breaking when you twist off the lid. There is nothing more disappointing than expecting the sweet nectar of malta in your mouth, only to have it replaced with the taste of blood and broken glass. Goya, Great Value, Hatuey, Mr. Special, Polar, Publix, Regal, and SuperMax brands are all being recalled. Malta India seems to be OK, though personally I’m all about Goya and Hatuey. New shipments should be fine, so make sure and check your label.

When it’s safe to drink again try some of these variations on the classic malta:

Malta Condensada

Pour one bottle of malta in a glass with two teaspoons of condensed milk. Ooohhh.

Malta Irelandes

One bottle of malta with one shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream. It also works with Kahlua.

Malta Con Helado

Like a root beer float only with malta. Take a scoop of natural vanilla ice cream and plop it in a glass of malta.

Malta y Redbull

Drink only if you don’t mind not sleeping.

Via Remezcla.

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