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Our Most Feared Latino Monster Of All Time Is…

Our final Latino monster is probably the most feared by practically all Latino kids. This monster is mostly found in Mexican homes but can also be found throughout Latin America. Compared to the other monsters we have talked about, this monster makes them all look like made up fairy tales. You may be asking what monster I am talking about, well the most feared monster in Latin America is La Chancla!

La Chancla has terrorized kids for so many decades and usually only comes out when kids misbehave. It can come out during the day, night, and even when you are playing. No one really knows the origins of La Chancal, but most say that it dates back to the Aztecs. When La Chancla appears it is best not to run por que despues te va a ir peor . As a kid I remember the terror I had when I saw La Chancla, fortunately it was not that often. Kids are not the only ones that can fall victims to La Chancla. Husbands are subject to this monster usually if they come home drunk after spending time with their amigos. So for all you kids and Husbands out there be safe and avoid La Chancla at all cost.

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