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The Most Feared Monsters In Latin America: El Cuco

There are so many legends and monsters throughout Latin America, some of which have been used by parents to scare their kids into eating their dinner, behaving good and going to sleep. With Halloween right around the corner we will be taking a look at a different Latin American monster.

El Cuco or El Viejo del Saco, this monster is found in Chile, Cuba and Mexico. Legend has it that Francisco Ortega, also known as El Moruno, was a man sick with tuberculosis in the early 20th century. He was so desperate to find a cure he sought help from a Curandera. She told Fransicso he would be cured if he drank the blood of children and rubbed their fat on his chest. So el Moruno kidnapped a boy in a cloth bag and slit his underarm to drink his blood. EL Cuco is known for walking up and down the streets at night with a black bag looking for children who misbehave. I remember as a kid in Mexico hearing the song “Duermete niño, duermete ya; que viene el cuco, y te comerá!”.

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