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Fidel Castro Makes Public Appearance

Fidel Castro and his sweet beard recently made a rare public appearance in Havana. Contrary to initial reports, Castro the Grey was not out trying to aid his Hobbit friends in their battle against Smaug the dragon. The 87 year old former president of Cuba was attending the opening of an art studio as a show of support for artist Alexis Leyva. (I imagine there must have been a very awkward moment when Castro meandered into the exhibit room and saw every hipster at the event dressed just like him.) This was Fidel Castro’s first public appearance since April of 2013, when he apparently saw his shadow and declared at least 9 more months of socialist rule in the country. At least I think that’s how the political system works in Cuba. I should have paid more attention in school.

While Castro’s rare outing seemed pretty tame, the following day a 5.0 earthquake hit Cuba. Most would claim that both incidents were isolated and unrelated, but Cuba is not known for its seismic activity. So maybe Castro actually is a wizard that fights dragons to the death in an earth shaking manner. Who’s to say that his cane isn’t actually a magical staff that he uses to fight mythical creatures? Again, I don’t really understand how Cuba works. I really should have paid more attention in school.

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