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Fidel Castro Writes Maradona A Letter To Prove He’s Not Dead

There were rumors circulating that former Cuban dictoator Fidel Castro had died. These rumors pop up at least once a year, mostly as wishful thinking on the part of the Miami Cuban exile community. Castro had not been seen for some time as he mostly just hangs out indoors and wears track suits. But he broke his silence to prove he was not dead by writing a letter to soccer legend Diego Maradona. Cuban government owned television network Telesur showed Maradona getting the four-page letter that discussed oil prices, the release of the last remaining members of the “Cuban Five” from an American prison, and other things. I guess this is the kind of stuff Fidel discusses in a friendly letter. Maradona said he was glad that Castro was OK.

Growing up these rumors used to get family members all excited. Partly just because they wanted Castro to die and also because they thought that the death of Castro would mean the end of the regime. Well, we’ve seen that the regime continues with or without Castro and that with the growing thaw between the United States and Cuba that there may be no need for his death. Still, when the eventual day does come when he kicks the bucket I’m sure my tacky relatives in Miami will celebrate in the streets.

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