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FIFA Lifts Beer Ban In Brazil

We all have heard of the violence the European soccer hooligans have caused at futbol games. Brazil also has their version of hooligans who have been causing a lot of violence and even murder at Brazilian soccer games. To lower the violence, Brazil has imposed a ban on all Alcohol sales at soccer stadiums since 2003.

With the arrival of the World Cup, FIFA has demanded the ban of alcohol be removed so fans can enjoy the World Cup. One reason why FIFA wants the ban removed is because Budweiser is one of FIFA’s big sponsors.

So after a special committee voted 15-9 to lift the ban, fans will be able to enjoy the World Cup with a frosty cold one.  As a result, this may become a very bloody World Cup. On one side you have all the crazy European hooligans, on the other you have the Brazilian hooligans and caught in the middle are your average fans all fueled by passion for their country, pride and alcohol.

Oh and lets not forget the large number of angry protesters outside of the stadiums and the police trying to keep the peace.  I guess FIFA did not take all that into consideration and their only concern was not to lose sponsors and all that money that comes with it. Let the games begin and like my dad always say’s “El Que La Hace Lo Paga”

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