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Finish Off The Summer With Some Elote Asado At Your Labor Day BBQ

Americans didn’t invent fast food, only the crappy kind. If you go to any Latin American city there is plenty of good food, for little money, that you can get super quick. Whether it is a sandwich and coffee kiosk in the DR or Cuba, an old lady making small tacos in Monterrey, or a girl selling pupusas in El Salvador, you have plenty of good quick food options. One of our favorite Latin American street foods is elote asado, grilled corn slathered in a creamy cheese mix and topped with spices. To this day the smell of roasting corn makes us think of summer, fun, and all that is good in this world.

Elote Asado

4 Ears of sweet yellow corn. If you are grilling them on the grill, keep the husks on.

1/4 Cup of mayonnaise

1/2 Tsp of lime juice

1/8 Tsp of chili powder

Pinch of Paprika. Yeah, I said pinch.

Salt to taste

2/3 Cup of crumbled cotija cheese. You can use Parmesan if your supermarket is lame and doesn’t have cotija.

If you have a grill, light that bad boy up and roast the corn in the husks for 15 minutes, turning every few minutes. Then open the husks and pull off the silks. The corn should be mostly soft by now. Put it back on the flames for another 8 minutes or so to get that nice char. If you are like me and you don’t have anywhere to put a grill, you can roast the corn in the oven. Shuck the corn and turn the oven to 500 and bake the corn on baking dish for thirty minutes, turning occasionally. You can also use your broiler to simulate the grill experience. Mix together the toppings and slather those golden phalluses in the delicious concoction. You can sprinkle them with some more chili powder, lime juice, or cilantro for a finishing touch.

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