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First U.S. Cruise in Decades Arrives in Havana

¿A quién no le gustan las vacaciones? Well now there is a new cruise destination, Cuba. For the first time in 40 years a U.S. cruise ship crossed the Florida straits and pulled into the Havana Harbor. Travel limitations were recently restored after Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro lifted the travel ban.

The Adonia is one of Carnival’s smaller ships, about half the size of some larger European vessels that already dock in Havana. More then a dozen cruise lines have plans to run U.S. – Cuba cruises that could make Cuba more then $80 million a year. Cruise companies pay the government $500,000 per cruise, while passengers spend about $100 per person in each city they visit. All this is revenue for Cuba with hopefully means progress para los cubanos. Summer is right around the corner y es tiempo de vacacionar en Cuba.

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