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Five Shows We’d Like To See On Robert Rodriguez’s New Cable Network

It was announced last week that Comcast will create four new networks aimed at minorities. Amongst them is El Rey Network, proposed and to be helmed by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and it will target the Latino male demographic. To be more specific, El Rey will be “an action-packed, general entertainment network” that will have “a mix of reality, scripted and animated series, movies, documentaries, news, music, comedy, and sports programming.” Basically just about anything under the sun. But don’t worry, RobRod. Your channel seems to lack focus, but we’re here to help. We are after all, a site that targets–and is written by– the same demographic you’re going after ::cough::hire us:: cough::, so you might want to write this down (and shoot us an offer letter). Below is a list of five potential television shows that would go over well.

Scared Straight!/Intervention With Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo has been in more films and television shows that we can count, but did you also know that he was incarcerated for eleven years for drug and robbery charges? As a result, when he’s not acting, Trejo often gives speeches to at-risk youth across the country urging them to avoid a life of crime and drugs. It’s because of this that we think he’ll be perfect as a host of an Intervention-style program. Does your kid want to be in a gang? Call Danny Trejo and he’ll show him what’s up. Is he huffing paint or smoking the pot? Machete might not text, but he sure as hell can scare your chamaco’s vices away.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 -Style Program But With Mexican B-Movies

If you’re familiar with Mexican Narco cinema and Mario Almada, you already know where this is going. Hire a bunch of clever comedians and writers, sit them in front of the hacky and awfulsome B-movies from Mexico and Latin America, and just have them go at it.

This needs to happen.

Drug Cartel Drama

Fact: HBO’s The Wire, a drama about the drug trade in Baltimore, is amongst the best television shows of all time. While watching the series, one of the things that boggled our mind is that no one tried to do the same for the drug cartel wars plaguing Mexico. Robert Rodriguez now has a chance to do that. We should note that this is by no means a glorification of violence and drugs, but instead an opportunity to look at a social ill instead of using it as a fodder for a televenola (We’re looking at you, Telemundo and La Reina Del Sur).

Non-Family Oriented Sitcom About Latinos

You know what show we never saw? George Lopez. You know what we’re also not seeing? ¡Rob! We never bothered to tune in to the former because it was about a Latino family and there were no characters that represented our demographic. With the former, the same thing (oh and because it’s terribad). What we see instead? Comedy Central’s Workaholics. That show is basically about us but, you know, with white people.

El Programa Diario

Yep, a Daily Show knockoff. There’s nothing wrong with the Comedy Central program, except that they never seem to be talking about Latino issues. This is particularly a problem because Al Madrigal is on their staff! RobRod, just hire Madrigal away and give him the exact same show. Trust us, guys, there’s a lot of funny bits that can be written about immigration.

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