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Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Killed In Robbery

Former Miss Venezuela and rising telenovela star Monica Spear was murdered by unknown assailants in an attempted robbery. She and her husband Thomas Henry Berry were traveling down the Puerto Cabello-Valencia in Venezuela when they were attacked. She and Berry were shot and killed and their young daughter was shot in the leg. It appears that they were then robbed by the shooters. It’s really tragic because Spear was doing really well. After being Miss Venezuela and participating in Miss Universe in 2005 she had been working in telenovelas. She broke into the U.S. market with Flor Salvaje in 2011 and starred in 2013’s Pasion Prohibida. This incident further highlights how dangerous Venezuela has become. The crime rate there has been escalating over the last few years. Things are especially dangerous for a famous person like Spear. Well known or wealthy people are often the targets of robberies and kidnappings like they are elsewhere in Latin America. We hope she and her husband rest in peace and hope her little daughter recovers soon.

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