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Brazil And Argentina Ready For The World Cup Semi Finals

Only two Latin American teams are left with a chance to make the World Cup finals. In game one of the World Cup semi finals, Brazil will face off against Germany.

Brazil advanced to the semi finals by beating Colombia but lost it’s star player, Neymar, in the process from injury.
In this game we will see the battle between Thomas Muller and David Luiz. Both are opposites; Muller is the no-nonsense, understated but an efficient forward, while the Brazilian is flashy, extroverted and sometimes worrying when it comes to the basics of defending. Brazil will have the home crowd behind them and could send them to the Finals. Possibly this World Cup’s marquee match is between Argentina and the Netherlands, which will showcase the top two remaining players in the tournament in Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben. Part of the reason Brazil 2014 has been the most entertaining Cup in recent years is that no team has truly distinguished itself. A great performance from Robben or Messi could mean advancing to the finals in Rio. Not much separates these squads, in the end all eyes will be on Messi as Argentina remains the slight odds favorite. Could we see an all Latin America Finals, Brazil vs Argentina?

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