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Fox News Calls Kids Of Undocumented “Children Of The Corn”

Someone over at Fox News thought it would be a good idea to refer to the children of undocumented immigrants as “children of the corn“. The nickname was coined during a segment called Grapevine in which hair-helmeted commenter Chris Wallace was discussing the amount of government aid undocumented immigrants would receive in the coming year in LA. A graphic saying “children of the corn” then appeared over an image of someone hoping the border fence. Putting aside the immigration and government assistance program debate for just a second, this…um…joke makes no sense. Why “children of the corn”?

Is it because Mexicans eat corn in tortillas? Let’s not forget the amount of corn the average American consumes in the form of corn syrup and other corn by-products. Is it a reference to the Stephen King book and movie? That doesn’t make any sense either as that movie is about a bunch of homicidal White kids in Nebraska that kill their parents and worship a demon that lives in the corn fields. Does that sound like the average undocumented kid to you? No, this is just an example of lazy racism. If you are going to make ethnic jokes they need to make sense. No one at Fox News thought this insult through very well. What makes me mad is less the fact that they are trying to insult immigrant children, (I expect that from them), but the ham-fisted way in which they went about it. You need to up your ethnic slur game, Fox News.

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