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Freddie Roach Predicts Manny Pacquiao Will Knock Out Antonio Margarito

Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach answered a couple of questions concerning Pac-Man’s upcoming November 13 fight against Antonio Margarito. Much like the opposing fighter, Roach took this opportunity to talk a little trash. Speaking to a group of reporters, Roach claimed that Pacquiao would knock Margarito out in the eighth round.

Despite this vote of confidence from Roach, we weren’t to convinced. Pacquiao’s trainer acknowledged that his training session with the fighter had been marred by unwanted distractions and injuries. Couple that with the fact that Roach things Margarito is a dangerous guy and you have the earliest hints of what may end up being an upset. Up until this point, we’ve assumed that the Pac-Man was going to bring down the pain on Margarito. But Roach’s concern about this fight now has us concerned. Maybe this is where Pacquiao’s reign as the best pound-for-pound fighter ends. Perhaps Margarito will indeed bounce back after the whole plastered wraps incident. Whatever happens, rest assured that this will be one hell of a fight.

Check out Freddie Roach talking below:

Video via Fanhouse

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