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Free Condoms at the Sochi 2014 Olympics

Medals are not the only thing that are being handed out to the athletes. With so many hot fit athletes living in such close quarters, fueled by free booze, Adrenaline and socializing, the Sochi Olympic Village can easily turn into a sex filled international party. Officials have taken steps to make sure all the athletes stay safe by passing out 100,000 condoms. All those free condoms will cover about 7,650 athletes for the 16 day span. Even though not all athletes will win a medal there still is a  reward of sacrificing your life and body for 4 years, you get to bang  hot athletes from around the world. As part of preventative measures, The U.S. center for disease control also released a list of recommendations for anyone venturing to the Olympics which include washing your hands, moderate alcohol consumption and use latex condoms when having sex. I Guess the Olympics aren’t as boring as they seem even for spectators.  16 days of debauchery where athletes and spectators can drink plenty of booze and have lots of sex. I guess its time to save up for the next Olympic games.

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