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Frida Kahlo Gets A Photoshop Makeover

Frida Kahlo crafted her image over many years. Her ubiquitous unibrow and mustache were not accidents. They were not there to haunt the dreams of even the most seasoned aesthetician. The brow-mustache combo were her way of challenging the prim standards of feminine beauty that most women wore like a bland uniform. Like Jack in Fight Club, Frida Kahlo was in everyone’s hostile little face. Yes, this is a unibrow. Yes, this is a mustache. Frida was enlightened. But, what if you have a Tumblr account and Photoshop? Wouldn’t it be sweet to put all that aside and catch a nice glimpse of the cute little lady hiding behind the curtain of ideals? Well, that’s what this person did this recently, and here are the results.

Oh my, cry me a Rivera! As you can see, Frida Kahlo’s trademark peach fuzz and uniceja have been groomed to meet the standards of the pickiest Kardashian (i.e. Kanye). And if you look closer, you can see that some of that pesky ethnic pigment has been traded in for a more television friendly shade of brown.

The creator of the altered image had this to say:

“Okay so I know this is kinda taboo but anyways. Frida Kahlo: Not too easy on the eyes. I mean she’s got the lady-mo and the monobrow thing going on. She didn’t know where to put her blush or what shade lipstick would obviously suit her skin tone. Really, she’s a bit of a wreck. So this got me to thinking. What would have happened if her girlfriends had done the right thing and taken her to a beautician, (which clearly needed to happen)? I did a subtle re-paint over the top of her original self-portrait to “conceptualize” what it would have looked like if she had been whisked off to Beauty Works or the likes….I didn’t want to alter the integrity of the original painting too much. What do you reckon?”

Offensive or satire? You be the judge.

Speaking of television, currently, the only female on the idiot box brave enough to rock a unibrow is the delightfully uninhibited Margaret McPoyle on the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Oh, how far we have come.

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