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Frida Sofía The Mystery Girl From the Mexico City Earthquake

The tragedy occurred en el Colegio Enrigue Rebsamen where 21 kids and four adults died during the 7.1 earthquake that hit Mexico City. Part of the 3 story school collapsed as the floors toppled on top of each other trapping several kids. From the beginning the rescues began as a girl was trapped in the rubble and freed.

Cameras, cellphones and drones were use to capture the tragedy as families desperately waited to here news from their children trapped in the rubble.

The main Mexican television station, Televisa, broadcasted live for nine straight hours the events unfolding from the collapsed elementary school. The Televisa reporter, Danielle Dithurbide became the host to millions of viewers as word spread that there was a little girl still alive somewhere under the collapsed school.

According to reports her name was Frida Sofia and she was 12 years old. 23 hours after the school collapsed a video went viral on social media as new broke out about Frida Sofia. Millions of viewers watched in horror as construction workers and rescue teams from several countries franticly and painfully removed chunks of rubble in a endless task to find Frida Sofia alive.

The next day at 5 am the digging stopped as the structure was to fragile and could trap rescuers in the rubble. All the rescue teams left the area and the name Frida Sofia was never heard from again.

So what exactly happened with Frida Sofia. Well it turns out that after checking the list of students from the school, there was no one left unaccounted for. Some say that Frida Sofia was created thanks to the panic, chaos and hope to find all the students alive.

The elementary school was not the only building to collapse as over 3,000 buildings suffered major damage and dozens collapsed trapping hundreds of people. As of today there have been more then 300 people killed and several still trapped in the rubble or missing. There us little hope to find anymore people alive under the rubble but as a reported stated, “La esperanza se llama Frida”.

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