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FX Making A Show About An Illegal Immigrant Private Detective

Cable channel FX has greenlit a new drama show that centers around a private detective that happens to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Oh brother. The Tea Baggers are going to have a field day on this one.

According to Deadline, the project is headed by film director Rodrigo Garcia, son of legendary author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What can we expect? “The theme is about helping the powerless in a corrupt society who can be from the immigrant or the Anglo community,” according to the show runners.

What are your thoughts on this? On the one hand, this looks like it will be exploitative and all kinds of awful. Then again, it is FX we’re talking about here. Their shows (from The Shield to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) are phenomenally good, so who’s to say that this won’t? One thing’s for certain. expect the Tea Baggers and their ilk complaining about the “Messicans” taking their damn acting “jerbs!”

via Deadline

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