Get The Donald Trump PiƱata For Your Next Party

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June 24, 2015 

When national embarrassment Donald Trump announced that he was running for president of these United States a couple of weeks ago he made the allegation that Mexican immigrants were all rapists. I’m not sure where he got this information. My guess is that the dead ferret he wears on his head whispered it in his….


Taco Bell Gets Healthy

May 27, 2015 

In the annals of bad food based on Latino cuisine there are few places as terrible as Taco Bell. I mean, what the hell is a Mexican pizza? It’s nonsense. Plus it’s really bad for you. Like, I think we’re all going to die of cancer because of it. In an attempt to try and….


Venezuela Promoting Barbie/Socialism

November 17, 2014 

In a move that has some people scratching their heads, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has made it easier to buy Barbie dolls. The quasi-socialist country has a history of putting price caps on certain items to make it easier for the masses to buy them. Things like gasoline, for example. Now, just in time for….


Cuba’s Iconic Classic Cars Getting Restored

October 20, 2014 

Cuba’s hundreds of classic American cars are getting a much needed makeover thanks in part to the changes in Cuba’s economic sector. I’ve been to Cuba and what you have heard about the classic cars is true. People still drive around in ’57 Chevys or old Plymouths. After the American embargo took effect in 1961,….


Behold Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu

October 14, 2014 

That bastion of late night drunken dining Taco Bell has just announced a menu revolving around that magical thai rooster sauce known as sriracha. One might question why a place that pretends to be Mexican would have an entire menu revolving around an Asian hot sauce. Well, as I said they only “pretend” to be….

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