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Happy Spanglish Tanksgivee From Your Friends At TuVez

November 22, 2018 

Tanksgivee Noun: This is the word Thanksgiving run through the Ricky Ricardo Thick Accent Machine (patent pending). Now, Thanksgiving is obviously an American holiday, what with all the Pilgrims and Indians and whatnot. The correct term is el dia de accion de gracia, which let’s face it, is a mouthful. So, we are going to….


Thanksgiving Mofongo Stuffing

November 18, 2018 

Thanksgiving is next week, the day when we gorge ourselves with food to celebrate when some White dudes came over on a boat or something. For we Latinos it always kind of felt like not our holiday. We tend to make variations on the traditional themes. For instance we always had arroz y frijoles negros….


If I Had To Have A Last Meal, It Would Be Vaca Frita

November 04, 2018 

Did you ever play that game where you pondered what your last meal would be if you were a death row prisoner? I know what mine would be: vaca frita. This Cuban meal is chock full of awesomeness, is my favorite thing in the universe. Vaca frita means “fried cow”, which is admittedly a weird….


How To Make Pan De Muerto For Dia De Los Muertos

November 02, 2018 

It’s Dia de Los Muertos, y’all! This is the day that we Latinos celebrate and remember our dearly departed ancestors by eating, drinking, and decorating with skulls. This holiday is particularly big in Mexico, where millions of people will be visiting their family’s graves for good times and plenty of sweets. The most quintessential Mexican….


Spice Up Your Halloween Offerings With Some Mexican Candy

October 25, 2018 

Halloween is next week so it’s time to stock up on some candy. But instead of buying the multipack of mini chocolate bars at the Rite Aid, why not opt for some awesome Mexican candy? I love Mexican candy. It reminds me of my childhood in Mexico and Texas. Back when life was simple; a….

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