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Cuba’s Iconic Classic Cars Getting Restored

October 20, 2014 

Cuba’s hundreds of classic American cars are getting a much needed makeover thanks in part to the changes in Cuba’s economic sector. I’ve been to Cuba and what you have heard about the classic cars is true. People still drive around in ’57 Chevys or old Plymouths. After the American embargo took effect in 1961,….


Behold Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu

October 14, 2014 

That bastion of late night drunken dining Taco Bell has just announced a menu revolving around that magical thai rooster sauce known as sriracha. One might question why a place that pretends to be Mexican would have an entire menu revolving around an Asian hot sauce. Well, as I said they only “pretend” to be….


Smell Like A Guerrilla With Che Guevara Cologne

September 29, 2014 

A Cuban company has come out with a new fragrance inspired by their beloved but controversial guerrilla leader Che Guevara. The cologne is called “Ernesto” and I imagine it smells like BO and Marxism. According to the company it will smell like “A woodsy and refreshing citric scent with notes of talcum powder”. They are….


Apple Announces Apple Watch and Iphone 6

September 10, 2014 

Tim Cook unveiled the latest Apple doodad for you to spend your hard earned money on in Cupertino yesterday. A crowd of Apple employees and fanatics were to cheer on Cook as he first showed off the new iPhone 6. It will be bigger than the previous iPhones with a much bigger screen and come….


Mexican Mariachi Barbie Is Coming

September 03, 2014 

The Mattel corporation is set to release a Mexican Barbie in traditional mariachi costume just in time for Mexican Independence Day. She has brown skin and black hair and has a different face than the regular blond Aryan Barbie. It’s not like back in the day when they would just paint Barbie dark brown and….

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