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Spice Up Your Halloween Offerings With Some Mexican Candy

October 25, 2018 

Halloween is next week so it’s time to stock up on some candy. But instead of buying the multipack of mini chocolate bars at the Rite Aid, why not opt for some awesome Mexican candy? I love Mexican candy. It reminds me of my childhood in Mexico and Texas. Back when life was simple; a….


This Cuban Gives A Lesson On Cigar Smoking

October 18, 2018 

When A-hole Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, he was greeted with open arms by the Taino Indians that lived on the islands, (mistake). Along with gold (another mistake), beads (ditto), and food (should have been poisoned), they also offered him some dried leaves as a present. Columbus had no idea what it was. The….


How to Fight Back Against Hate Crimes Against Latinos

September 07, 2018 

The hate crime statistics for last year have come in and they aren’t good. I guess, no hate crime statistics are good, but these show a disturbing trend. Hate crimes against Latinos have risen 11% since 2009. 66% of all ethnically motivated bias crime is against Latinos! The reasons is pretty clear. Donald Trump’s election….


Honor Puerto Rico And Make A Pastelon De Maduros

September 03, 2018 

Our biggest criticism of both the United States and its food is the lack of plantains. Americans love bananas, heck the United Fruit Company virtually enslaved large parts of Latin America in the 40’s and 50’s just to supply Americans with bananas. But the plantain gets no love. Why? It is delicious and versatile. You….


The Trump Administration Revoking Passports From Latino Citizens

August 30, 2018 

The Trump administration has started cracking down on American born Latinos by revoking their passports or even deporting them at the border. Yeah, you read that right. These are American citizens, most of them born in the United States, that are having their federal identification taken away, are being harassed and detained, and in some….