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Ceviche Is A Great Summer Meal

August 17, 2018 

One of my favorite dishes is ceviche. For those of you unfortunate souls who’ve never had it, it’s basically a cold raw fish, lime juice, and vegetable medley. The best ceviche I ever had was on the La Isla De Alacranes (Island of Scorpions) in the middle of Lake Chapala in Mexico. It was called….


Finish Off The Summer With Some Elote Asado At Your Labor Day BBQ

August 12, 2018 

Americans didn’t invent fast food, only the crappy kind. If you go to any Latin American city there is plenty of good food, for little money, that you can get super quick. Whether it is a sandwich and coffee kiosk in the DR or Cuba, an old lady making small tacos in Monterrey, or a….


Latino Hats To Keep You Cool This Summer

August 03, 2018 

It’s summertime, and the sun is getting to be a bit of a bitch. The best way to avoid getting heat stroke or skin cancer is to try and keep to the shade. But what if no shade is available? Thankfully, thousands of years ago paleolithic man used his technological skills to invent the hat…..


Mexican Loteria Is A Great Summertime Game For The Whole Family

July 26, 2018 

When I was little, my family lived in Mexico. Even though we are Cuban, we absorbed a lot of the Mexican culture that surrounded us. When I was 5, my favorite game was the Mexican loteria. This was in the days before XBox, so we had to amuse ourselves in ways that didn’t involve blowing….


Smuggle Truck: The New Racist Game For Your iPhone!

July 20, 2018 

There is a new game at the Apple App store called Smuggle Truck. In the game you have to try and keep Mexican undocumented workers from falling off your truck to their deaths. Because, really, haven’t you always wanted to be a coyote that puts the lives of others in danger for a quick buck?….