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Make Your Own Flour Tortillas. It Will Change Your Life

July 18, 2018 

Latino men still have pretty macho attitudes about certain things. One of those is cooking. Many of us had abuelas and moms that cooked all our dinners and packed all our lunches. Then we grew up and move out, and wondered why we were eating at some fast food joint instead of arroz con pollo….


Beat The Heat With These Latino Sodas

July 17, 2018 

Summer is here, and so is the heat. Nothing can cool you down on a hot day better than a nice refreshing beverage. You’d like to have a margarita, but it’s frowned upon at work or during your morning commute. Luckily, we Latinos have plenty of delicious soda options. You could drink an American soft….


Behold Burritobox, The Burrito Vending Machine

July 02, 2018 

Science has once again come through with a truly miraculous product called Burritobox, the burrito vending machine. Of course, by miraculous I mean an abomination thought up by Satan himself. It works not unlike the Redbox DVD rental machines. You choose your burrito from a touch screen. It then”makes” it for you while playing club….


Mariachi Hero: The Latest Racist Game For The iPhone!

June 19, 2018 

Apple continues its trend of approving terribad racist iPhone/iPad apps. This time around, it’s Mariachi Hero. No, this particular app has nothing to do with the Robert Rodriguez’s film. This game’s all about being a pistolero with missing teeth who wears a serape and sombrero, and rocks a bandoleer. Oh yeah, and you kill cockroaches…..


Kick Off Baseball Season Right With Some Awesome Guacamole

March 26, 2018 

Baseball season is starting up this week and you’re going to need to serve something awesome to your friends when they come over to watch the game. Look no further than this awesome guac recipe. Sometimes I think about the first guy to eat a certain food. Way back in hunter-gather times, some dude or….