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A Gallery Of The Mexican National Team Sex & Theft Scandal

Mere days after Mexico defeated the U.S. to win the Gold Cup, the national team find itself in the middle of a scandal that involves prostitutes, robbery, and now dismissed players. The players involved were part of a second Mexican squad that were playing a warm-up game against Ecuador in preparation for Copa America– South America’s version of the Eurocup and, in our honest opinion, the tournament Mexico should have given priority.

According to news reports, a group of prostitutes paid a visit to the players while they were staying at the Hotel Quito in Ecuador. Good times– we imagine– were had. That is, of course, until the players realized that they were robbed. Among the items stolen were iPads, Blackberries, laptops, and cash monies. In total, about $15,000 worth of stuff was taken.

To be clear, the robbery didn’t happen after the girls performed whatever services they were paid for. Instead, the thieving is suspected to have occurred when the Mexican national team (comprised of mostly sub-22 players) was playing Ecuador.

Likely wanting to save face, the Mexican soccer federation announced that they have suspended eight players involved in this scandal. They will be banned for six months from national play and be fined. The footballers involved are: Jonathan Dos Santos (younger brother of Giovani), Nestor Vidrio, Israel Jimenez, Marco Fabian, Javier Cortes, Jorge Hernandez, Nestor Calderon, and David Cabrera.

The images above include a shot of the hotel’s exterior, video captures from when the alleged prostitutes were entering and leaving the hotel, and the open valuables safe at one of the players’s rooms.

via Sports Illustrated
Images via Central Deportiva

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