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Batmobile Up For Sale: Your Chance To Become Latino Batman

As men, we are contractually obligated to love cars. It’s in our DNA, somewhere between the gene that gives us opposable thumbs and the gene that prevents us from asking directions. We Latinos are particularly fond of cars. Think about it, we have our own subculture of lowriders that revolves around them. No matter what your background is, we can all agree on what the most badass car of all time is: The Batmobile.

This badboy is street legal and has a friggin’ helicopter turbine engine! You can put jet fuel, kerosene, or diesel in it. Let those three fuel options sink in. It’s on Ebay right now. Please, one of you buy this and become the first Latino Batman. It’s only 620,000. Heyyyyyy…Break bosses, wouldn’t your favorite Latino bloggers look great in a Batmobile? We mean us, BTW.

Via Engadget.

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