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If you don’t know who Dorismar ( Dora Noemi Kerchen) is, you should. This Argentine model-turned-actress-turned-television-eye-candy has been a presence in Mexican and Latin American television for quite some time now. This curvaceous beauty hosted Univision’s Caliente— a show where scantily clad women dance to norteño and reggeaton — until, according to Wikipedia, she was deported in 2006. Dorismar, however, fought the deportation order. claiming that her fantastically awesome body placed her in the category of “alien of extraordinary ability” and thus entitled her to apply for an O-1 visa. Amazingly, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service rejected her petition, forcing her to move to Mexico. Way to go, Mexico. Not only are you taking our jobs, but you’re also taking our hot women, too?

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