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Mad Hot: Carolina Cruz


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The Girl: Carolina Cruz. She’s from Colombia and hosts game shows on television.

The Rant: Maybe I’m just a cheap bastard but the “dollar per drink” tipping rule at bars is kind of absurd. This is especially true when the bartender is kind of a douche. The other night (last night), I went to this bar to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Given that it was Tuesday, the bar was fairly empty. You would expect that next to no clientele would lead to fairly rapid service, right? Nope. I stood by the bar for what seemed like an eternity before I could get my drink order. Why? Because the bartender was busy flirting with this girl. He took my drink order, I left him two bucks (one for my drink, and one for my friend’s), and walked back to our booth. When it came time for another round, same scenario: went up to the bar, dude ignored me as he tried to score, and eventually tended to my needs. Instead of tipping, I just walked away with drinks in hands as the bartender gave me a “You dick!” stare. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am a dick (it’s true). But you know what, so is he. I’m all for guys trying to get laid. But do it on your own damn time, not when I’m trying to get drunk.

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