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Mad Hot: Genesis Rodriguez

The Girl: You might not know who Genesis Rodriguez is quite yet but that might change come tomorrow. The lovely Miami-native is the daughter of Venezuelan singer Jose Luis “El Puma” Rodriguez and she’s currently the female love interest in Will Ferrell’s new movie Casa De Mi Padre.

The Rant: You know what I hate? People at festivals. Right now, South By Southwest is taking over Austin, Texas, the city where I live. On paper, I think it’s great. It’s a huge moneymaker for the town and local businesses. And in the case of SXSW, its a chance to catch great movies and awesome up-and-coming bands. The downside? The douchebags who come to the festival. Maybe it’s the free alcohol, or the Texas heat, but people who are normally nice become the biggest, most selfish and self-entitled mouthbreathers in the world.

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