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Mad Hot: Geraldine Bazan

Welcome to “Mad Hot,” a somewhat recurring segment where we pair up a hot girl gallery with a rant. Today’s lovely lady is Mexican actress Geraldine Bazan. She is 28-years-old and used to be a child singer.

Moving on. Thing that’s currently chapping my ass: restaurants that sell “tacos” to white people. I know that last sentence makes me look like a close-minded traditionalist douchebag, but come on, man, if your taco has brisket or sausage in it, it’s not really a taco. Take a look at a screen shot from a local restaurant’s menu:

Three things: 1) they’re tortillas aren’t as fresh as they claim (especially the flour). 2) The names! 3) If you’re paying more than $2 for a taco, you’re getting ripped off.

I firmly believe that unless the filling is nopalitos, huevos, fajita, tripa, barbacoa, or anything in this vein, they aren’t tacos. Therefore, I propose we start calling the stuff above “white people wraps.” Who’s with me?

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