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Mad Hot: Karina Bacchi

The Girl: Karina Bacchi, a Brazilian telenovela actress, model, and one-time cover girl for Brazilian Playboy. At one point, she was also rumored to be involved with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Rant: I’ll be the first to admit that I have some anger issues. Often times, I try to avoid scenarios in which my rage gets the best of me. Like driving, for example. It’s something I have to do from time to time (doctor’s appointments, etc.). I also happen to live in a city that has terrible traffic. Therefore, an enclosed space + a frustrating traffic environment = bursts of rage. The one thing that chaps my ass most of all in regards to traffic is people who purposefully go on the turning lane (often empty), blow past most of the saps waiting in their cars, and then cut into that lane. If you do this, die in a fire. Not only are you being a dick, you’re also breaking the law. If I could murder you and get away scott free, I wouldn’t even hesitate.

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