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Mad Hot: Lina Marulanda

The Girl: Lina Marulanda was a television personality and popular model from Colombia. She was also a radio reported that worked for W Radio, as well as a frequent photographic subject for the very popular men’s magazine SOHO.

The Rant: Notice how we used the past tense in the preceding paragraph. That’s not a grammatical mistake. It’s appropriate. Lina Marulanda died in April of 2010. We learned this fact after putting together the girl gallery. Believe it or not, it’s more work than you’d think, and it’s a pain in the ass to start from the beginning. Yes, there’s something wrong about compiling a series of photos for you guys to ogle if the person in the images is recently deceased, and we’re probably going to hell for that, but you know what, we already put in the work and we’re hungry. So we’re just going to grab a sandwich instead. Deal with it.

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