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Concept Drawings For A Mexican Inverted Glass Pyramid Under Zocalo


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Skyscrapers are so 20th century, man. In Mexico they build Earthscrapers, fool! That’s right, Mexican firm BNKR has designed this wonderfully awesome inverted glass pyramid concept that may be built underneath Mexico City’s famous Zocalo. The top floors would incorporate the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital that exists right below the surface, creating a museum and cultural space. Below that there is going to be businesses and living space. This would totally fulfill several childhood fantasies. 1) Hang out underground like a Fraggle. 2) Live in a friggin’ pyramid! 3) Have the ghosts of long dead Aztec jaguar warriors as my doormen. We wonder how much the apartments would be?

Via Tec.nologia.

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