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Please Buy Us Kaneda’s Jacket From “Akira”

We aren’t really big on anime. Some of it is OK, but most of it is just weird looking blue haired people screaming and school girls being raped by tentacled aliens. However, we love “Akira”. This classic anime about motorcycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Tokyo is awesome. Psychic wars, giant teddy bears, and teenage hooliganism is our kind of thing. If only we could somehow be like those red leather-clad biker badasses…

Now we can! Well, at least the red leather-clad part. Bandai-Namco’s Lalabit Market has a replica of Keneda’s red biker jacket for sale. It costs 69,800 Yen or $907 dollars. If someone buys this for us, we promise we won’t ask for any other red leather outfits from classic anime ever again…unless the Voltron force jumpsuits go on sale.

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