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Super Mario Bros. Now In Ballet Form!

What’s the worst thing about ballet? No, it’s not the lack of hot girl on girl action between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It’s the snorefests they like to call stories. Who cares about a stupid swan or a nutcracker prancing around in tights? Why can’t ballet be more like video games? Well ,thankfully some genius at the Maria Imaculada de Porto Alegre school in Brazil created the perfect blend of graceful dancing and 8-bit awesomeness. We’re talking, of course, about “Super Mario Ballet Recital: The Abduction of Princess Peach”.

The plot tells the familiar tale of the abduction of Princess Peach by the monstrous Bowser. It is then up to the Italian plumbing duo of  Mario and Luigi to battle weird creatures to get her back. The show is in seven acts in which the girls from the different levels of the school are showcased. This culminates in the advanced class’s boss level battle between Mario, Luigi, and Bowser.

You know who loves this ballet more than we do? The fathers of these little girls. Normally these poor dudes have to sit through a lot of tutu-wearing nonsense about wood nymphs or some crap. For once, they get to see something kick ass. Keep up the good work ladies. We have some suggestions for future performances” “Mortal Kombat: The Modern Dance Spectacular”, “Legend of Zelda 2: Electric Boogaloo”, and “Metroid Prime: The Jazzerific Tap Show”.

Source: Reino do Cogumelo via GoNintendo

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