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Tu Vez 2012 Gadget Wish List


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The Kindle Fire is like an iPad, 'cept different. Amazon's eReader tablet has gotten pretty nifty with a high res display and a greater conectivity to the interwebs. Also, at $239 it's a heck of a lot cheaper than an iPad.

Christmas is just a couple of months away and it’s time to start asking the ultimate question: What do I want people to buy me? Sure, you have to think of presents to get other people as well. But much like when you couldn’t sleep thinking of all the stuff Santi Clos or Los Reyes Magos were going to bring you, it’s all about greed and lust for plastic. You never really lose the burning desire for battery powered things that go beep, bop, boop. It’s OK, though. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve something nice. No gift is more appreciated by us guys than the latest cool gadget and we Latinos love new technology. It is a statistical fact that a higher percentage of us use smartphones and other sophisticated doo-dads than our Gringo neighbors.




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