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“Game Of Thrones” Has Epic Season Finale

(WARNING: There will be spoilers, y’all. So, bookmark this post and come back to it when you are caught up!)

Last night saw season four of Game of Thrones come to a close with the usual cadre of death and mayhem. As a fan of both the show and the books I was left both pleased, bewildered, and a tiny bit let down. The show was generally fairly segmented, with each of the main storylines being tied up for the time being. Tyrion’s escape and subsequent double murder of Shae and Tywin was really well done. It was, for the most part, the way I imagined it in the books. Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance were particularly great. I wish the Shae murder had been a little less abrupt, but then again, Tyrion was in a hurry. The wrap up at the wall was also nicely done in that it was brief and to the point. The less time I have to look at mopey-faced Jon Snow looking forlorn the better. They could have fleshed out a little bit what the hell Stannis is doing at the Wall but I guess they’ll come back to it next season. The Bran storyline is where I started to get a little (a lot) confused. I was not crazy about the battle with skeletons and then the fairy chick shooting fireballs. The show suddenly became a mix between True Blood and the old 7th Voyage of Sinbad movie from the fifties. But generally I could give a flying Direwolf turd about the whole Bran story. Honestly, who cares?

Having Brienne essentially kill The Hound was an interesting choice which does not occur in the books. I mean, he is mortally wounded but not by her. The people I was watching it with were surprised by Arya cold-bloodily abandoning The Hound as he lay dying. This is an issue with the way that Weiss and Benioff turned their story into a buddy comedy. In the books, Arya is most definitely The Hound’s prisoner and they aren’t very friendly with each other. It then makes more sense for Arya to leave him and make her mistake. By making them be all bosom pals in previous episodes it just makes Arya look like an a-hole when she leaves him to suffer. I also didn’t like that they made Jaime and Cersei make up and make out. I won’t give anything away but this doesn’t make sense for what is to come. The scene with Daenerys and the dragons was particularly heartbreaking. Poor Viserion and Rhaegal are good boys. But it was what was not shown that most disappointed me and other readers of the books. Two words: Lady Stoneheart.

This season was a roller coaster ride of emotions but I must say that the saddest part to me was saying goodbye to the only Latino in Westeros, Oberyn Martell, played brilliantly by Pedro Pascal. It just figures that the one homeboy on the show would get his head popped like an over-ripe zit by a bearded Scandinavian. I would like to offer my services as token Latino for season five. I can play a Sancho Panza-type character who is Jaime’s squire or something. I’ll ride a burrito and make little funny comments. The producers can reach me on Twitter @jacktomas. Thank you.

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