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George Lopez Jokes About Sobriety With Ellen

For most people, getting arrested for public intoxication would be an embarrassing and eye opening moment in one’s life. However comedian George Lopez has turned his recent drunken Canadian casino escapade into laughs as big as his liver. Yesterday, George Lopez was a guest on Ellen, downplaying the incident by making a few jokes about the ordeal. Not only did he playfully take shots at himself (and I’m not talking about shots of tequila), but he also had some solid zingers aimed at other Canadians known for their substance abuse problems, namely Justin Beiber and Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford.

Lopez Turns Sauza Gold Into Comedy Gold.
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Lopez also took the opportunity to reassure everyone that he has been completely sober since he drunkenly ate casino carpet all those days ago. The audience responded with an appropriate round of applause to Lopez’s pat on the back, but their kudos felt premature. Lopez has only been sober for two weeks. I’ve had hangovers last that long. Also, this drunken arrest was great publicity for Lopez, whose show, Saint George, recently began airing on FX. So far, only 10 episodes have been ordered by FX. However, if the show reaches a certain level in the ratings, then Saint George is guaranteed 90 more episodes. For George Lopez’s sake, let’s hope the show is a bigger hit than the kind he takes from a bottle. The last thing we need are more passed out photos of Lopez circulating the internet.

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