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George Lopez On “Piers Morgan Tonight”

by Lucas Molandes

George Lopez appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight last night. We got to see Lopez behave in a less jokey manner.

The clip (found below) starts with Piers quoting Lopez’s promise to leave the country if Sarah Palin is elected. Which, first of all, way to sweeten the Sarah Palin ticket, Mr. G.Lo. If people didn’t have a reason to vote for her before, I’m sure they do now!

Kidding of course, vato! Hey, you’re alright!

Piers Morgan (P.Mo as he’s known on the streets) then asked Lopez why he would do something so drastic. At this point, George begins reaching into his knowledge looking for something to back up his empty promise. Watching Lopez struggle for an informed opinion at that moment is as defeating as watching an old-man using a palsied hand to check if he’s done wiping his ass.

Lopez finally comes up with (and I’m paraphrasing) – I like for my politicians to know politics. Settle down, Edgy McGee! Where does Lopez get his news and opinions from, Jay Leno? Jesus H. Christ.

In this age of information surplus, one has to ask why George (or anyone) can barely stand behind his pop-culture opinions of Sarah Palin. The answer is simple: information doesn’t equal knowledge, but who cares! Lopez is making a career out of taking the most current news buzz words and making semi-clever quips about each one. Beyond that facade of clever, there’s no understanding or accountability. There’s only the hope that his sincere smile will win the audience over.

The world wide web is filled with enough people polluting it with opinion vomit. There are dislikes on youtube videos of pandas. Who has time to muster up that kind of opinion, seriously? There are real issues in the world – carmageddon, severed genitalia, TSA gropings – who has time to thumbs down a video of a panda sneezing?

This interview clip will probably be used against fair-weather liberals at a later time by equally uninformed conservatives who thrive on their own entitled knee-jerk opinions. And the conservative will say, “See! All liberals are just Palin haters who can’t back up their words!” And some liberal will post something about Quinoa and The New Yorker. And someone will comment below that, “if you didn’t have a reason to hate minorities, now you do!” And that comment will have 40 thumbs up on it … It’s a vicious cycle.

G.Lo, I know it’s not your fault, but leave your opinions at the kids table. Stick with the jokes.

Really, this isn’t an issue of politics. The issue here is that Piers Morgan, under the CNN umbrella, asked Lopez a question about immigration. They asked a talking-head, soundbite-machine for opinions about immigration on a program that marauds as a source of information and social analysis – thus providing Lopez’s brain-droppings with some weird contextual legitimacy. The reality is: picking Lopez’s brain was about as informative as asking Miss Teen USA 2007 why kids can’t locate things on a map. But that’s why people shouldn’t look to Lopez for insights.

The ability to be “right” about the world all the time isn’t possible. The immediate worth of many current events is subjective or vague. That worth is slowly assimilated into an ongoing socio-anthropological narrative that helps each generation build an understanding of its current world while being mindful of the future. However, taking responsibility and being accountable for what you say is part of being an adult, and adults are the ones who should be in control.

Piers Morgan then asked the questions: why is someone like Sarah Palin so popular and why does she resonate with people? At this point, I felt as if Piers was giving Lopez the perfect chance to reflect on his own career. Why should people care about what Lopez has to say? At what level does Lopez resonate with his audience?

Using the Socratic Method, Lopez responds with questions of his own: “Is it that we’ve become a culture of personality? Do we elect somebody by their smile, and not by their content?”

Let me Google image search George Lopez and see what comes up.

I don’t know, George. You tell us.

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