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Zimmerman Ready To Rumble With Rapper DMX

George Zimmerman is a pop culture STD. Just when you think he’s gone, he blisters his way back up to the front page of the news. Since being acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has gone on to become an artist. He has punched his father in law in the face. He has pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend’s face. And, as of a few hours ago, Zimmerman agreed to participate in a celebrity boxing match with rapper DMX. Calling this a “celebrity” boxing match is a bit of a stretch. Let’s be honest, the upcoming pay-per-view will be the best career move either man has made in quite a while.

Those of you hoping DMX will dole out a Seahawk-style beat down should know that Zimmerman is no stranger to the sweet science of throwing haymakers. Going back to before that whole murder misunderstanding, Zimmerman boxed as a way to keep in shape. Oddly enough, if Zimmerman had used his fists instead of a gun that night, no one would have ever heard of George. Also, Zimmerman is nearly 13 years younger than DMX. For most celebrity pairings – like, say, Jay-Z & Beyoncé Knowles – an age gap that size doesn’t mean much. However, in boxing, that kind of gap can make all the difference. But I won’t be the one to say that to DMX. When asked about the fight, the 43 year old said, “I am going to beat the living f–k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up.” And if that wasn’t enough, DMX added, “Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my d**k out and piss on him … right in his muthaf**kin face.” And that, my friends, is why boxing is known as the “gentleman’s sport”.

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