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What To Get The Latino Man Who Has Everything: Cigar Stuff

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to buy stuff. What do you get the Latino man that has everything? Another stupid tie? No thanks. We’re here to help. Find gifts for your dad, brother, son, or drop a hint about something for yourself.

I’m Cuban, so naturally I’m an authority on cigars. You may think this is stereotyping, but it’s not. It’s genetic. My family owned a tobacco plantation in western Cuba until whats-his-name with the beard took it away. Still, there is no more manlier way to partake in tobacco than a nice cigar. A fine cigar is like any agricultural product, there are good ones and bad ones. In the same way that wine takes on flavors and scents depending on how and where it’s grown, the same can be said of cigars. Darker maduro wrappers tend to be stronger, with a coffee or chocolate taste to them. Lighter and medium browns are milder and may have hints of vanilla and spice. I like a smaller lighter colored cigar during the day and a dark maduro after dinner. Romeo Y Julieta, H. Upmann, and Padron are my favorite brands. You have to figure out what you like on your own. What I can suggest is some nice cigar accessories for you or the cigar smoker in your life.

Cutter and Puncher

I like Xikar’s X12 guillotine cutters. They have a nice edge that doesn’t dull easily and gives you a nice clean cut. Those cheapo plastic ones you get for a dollar can mess up the cut and diminish a nice smoking experience. Some people like to punch instead of cut, in which case I suggest Xikar’s Pull-Out Punch. Not only do they work well, they are hella-stylish.


The best way to light a cigar is with a wooden match or a torch lighter. NEVER use a Zippo or your cigar will taste like lighter fluid. This Tiger Windproof Torch Lighter is nice, refillable, stylish, and cheap. All good things.


Cigars are an investment. I have a humidor full of premium cigars and they will literally keep forever if kept at the right temperature and humidity. You can use these Drymistat tubes that are filled with a reusable gel solution. Put one in per 50 cigars. If you want to put out a little more, you can get a Cigar Oasis active humidifier. These are nice because they regulate the humidity better than the kind of humidifier that just sits there.


This is a matter of taste as well. Maybe you want something with your favorite sports team or a half naked woman on it. I’m not going to judge you. Just make sure it seals well and is made from cedar. Cedar keeps the humidity at the right degree, smells nice, and won’t rot. This is a good starter humidor.

Cigar Case

Sometimes, you want to take your cigars on the road. Maybe you are going fishing, golfing, on a road trip, or to the beach. Cigars can dry out pretty fast, which is why this nice Cigar Caddy case is so great. It’s airtight, waterproof, and has a humidifier disk inside. You can take 6 big Churchill size cigars or several smaller ones with ease.


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