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Get Punched Drunk With Lucha Libre Beer

We love truth in advertising. Most of all, we love a beer that advertises what you might get into if you have one too many. Drink enough Pork Slap, and there’s a good chance you’ll be out slapping pig-tail at last call. Drink enough Silver Bullet, and who’s to say you won’t be werewolf hunting when the moon comes out. Now, thanks to Josè Guízar and his lucha themed Cervecería Sagrada, there’s the possibility of you closing out the night in the squared-circle, wearing the legendary outfit of El Santo.

But what’s really going on with this beer? Is it a genuine celebration of Mexican culture, or is this a craft beer that’s been cleverly marketed towards people who enjoy style over substance. We had to do some further investigating to find the answers to our questions.

It turns out that questions involving taste may be irrelevant, as the number one beer amongst Latinos in the U.S. is Bud Light. When we say ‘Latinos’ we mean U.S residents from South of the border prefer Bud Light across the board. In a recent NPR article, marketing consultant Juan Tornoe stated the correct way to reach the largest Latino audience is to “treat them like you would the general U.S. market but give them subtle touchstones they might appreciate.”

Many people may remember the 2007 Super Bowl, when Bud Light hired a person who’s made a career of selling someone else’s product to Latinos, Carlos Mencia. The campaign was a hit because it handled the issue of adapting to a foreign culture instead of celebrating a singular culture’s experience in America. With that in mind, the Lucha themed beers are clearly marketed to evoke Mexican enthusiasm, so maybe they’re not just in it to sell out the culture.

Tecate’s vice president of multicultural marketing, Felix Palau, brought up how most companies are no longer marketing to the idea of the 1st generation Latino who works several jobs and sends money back home. Now you have second and third generation Latinos who are beginning to enjoy “a much more joyful, celebratory slice of life” in the U.S. As a “premium craft beer,” Cervecería Sagrada is clearly designed to attract that new generation who have disposable income. Them and hipsters, long known for being cultural scavengers.

There’s nothing wrong with using style to promote Mexican culture. Just ask Robert Rodriguez. But is the beer good? I’m not the one to answer that question. I have slurped tequila out of an ashtray before. Have any of our readers tried it? What are your thoughts?

h/t @heyclauclau

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