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Remembering The Latina Beauties Of The Past

June 18, 2018 

We here at Tu Vez are great admirers of female beauty. Let’s face it, this is a pretty ugly world we live in. War, death, poverty, reruns of Full House, all make modern life hard to watch. We do our girl galleries in order to bring a little beauty into your lives. But we don’t….


Badass Latinas: Michelle Rodriquez

February 26, 2018 

Typecasting is a double edged sword. We’re not talking about racist typecasting where we Latinos can only play maids and gang members. That always sucks. We mean when an actor keeps getting cast as similar characters. This has happened to some of our finest actors. How many times have we seen Robert De Niro, Joe….


Shakira Accused of Evading Millions in Taxes

January 22, 2018 

La cantante Colombiana could face jail time and several million dollars in fines from the Spanish government. Since she has been married to Spanish futbol star Gerard Pique, Shakira spends most of her time in Barcelona Spain. There are reports that the Spanish authorities want to probe her 2011-14 finances. They say she should have….


Jennifer Lopez Guess Promo Image, Real or Fake

January 18, 2018 

Back in November Guess announced their partnership with the ageless Jennifer Lopez. Now we have there first fiery photos from their Spring 2018 campaign. “When I got the call from [co-founder], Paul Marciano, asking me to become the new GUESS Girl, I was thrilled and excited to be a part of such an iconic brand….


And Now, A Christmas Song From Sofia Vergara

December 08, 2017 

Ay, Sofia. You are wonderful and perfect in every way…well, almost. You all know how much we love Sofia Vergara. She’s our main squeeze here at Tu Vez. And by main squeeze I mean the girl that whose name we write over and over again in our notebooks and who we want to marry and….

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