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Brazilian Model Rap

December 31, 2013 

Like a hunter in a blind, Brazilian model Michelli Provensi’s “All The Models In The House” shows that satire can attack from seemingly innocent and alluring setups. When thinking of oppressive working environments, the modeling industry is rarely the first to come to mind. Michelli Provensi, however, would like us to know that it’s not….


And Now, A Christmas Song From Sofia Vergara

December 23, 2013 

Ay, Sofia. You are wonderful and perfect in every way…well, almost. You all know how much we love Sofia Vergara. She’s our main squeeze here at Tu Vez. And by main squeeze I mean the girl that whose name we write over and over again in our notebooks and who we want to marry and….


Penelope Cruz Addicted To Breastfeeding

Penelope Cruz
December 17, 2013 

And the award for Mother of the Year goes to Penelope Cruz. In a recent article, the beautiful mother of two confessed, “[Breastfeeding] is addictive. I was breastfeeding my son 13 months, and I plan to do the same with my daughter. It’s hard when the day comes when you have to stop.” For those….


Britney Spears Loves Latino Men

Britney Spears
December 13, 2013 

“I’ve always liked Latino men. They make me think of a bad-boy type that your father wouldn’t let you go out with.” – Britney Spears. In a recent interview with Univision’s “Despierta America,” Britney Spears spoke on her love affair with swarthy, hot-blooded Latino men. Some who have watched the video claim that Britney’s casual….


Latinos Gain Key Golden Globe Nominations

December 12, 2013 

Director Alfonso Cuaron and our favorite gal Sofia Vergara are among the Latinos that were nominated for Golden Globes this year. Alfonso Cuaron received a best director nomination for his film Gravity, which also got several other nods including best picture. Sofia Vergara was once again nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy….


Thalia Gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

December 05, 2013 

The Mexican entertainer Thalia, a telenovela star and radio show host also known as “the queen of Latin pop,” received the 2,514th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame The Mexican entertainer Thalia, a telenovela star and radio show host also known as “the queen of Latin pop,” received the 2,514th star on the Hollywood….


Meet The New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

December 05, 2013 

It’s official: Gal Gadot is the new Wonder Woman. Zack Snyder announced earlier this week that in addition to Ben Affleck as Batman, Wonder Woman would also make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman. Gadot is best known for starring in three of the Fast and Furious movies along with the late Paul Walker, (respect)…..


Girl Of The Day Zoe Saldana

Zoe Featured
December 04, 2013 

Zoe Saldana was born in New Jersey and raised in Queens, New York. When she was 10 years old, she and her family moved to the Dominican Republic where they would live for the next 7 years. While living in the Dominican Republic, Zoe discovered a keen interest in performance dance and began her training….


Michelle Rodriguez Mourns Paul Walker

December 03, 2013 

As the days pass since the untimely death of Paul Walker, several Fast & Furious co-stars have taken to social media to honor their friend. Yesterday, Michelle Rodriguez posted a short statement on Facebook and Twitter to express the grief she is feeling over the loss of her friend:   “I’m gonna carry this torch….


Frida Kahlo Gets A Photoshop Makeover

Frida Kahlo - Original
November 18, 2013 

Frida Kahlo crafted her image over many years. Her ubiquitous unibrow and mustache were not accidents. They were not there to haunt the dreams of even the most seasoned aesthetician. The brow-mustache combo were her way of challenging the prim standards of feminine beauty that most women wore like a bland uniform. Like Jack in….

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